Training on surface treatments for industrial applications

Objectives: The main objective of the Master is to train the skills necessary for the appropriate use of new technologies and the diagnostics necessary to improve the processes used in the industrial field and in the field of surface treatments. In particular, we train specialists who, once they have learned the plasma engineering technologies (the most technologically advanced), can easily apply them for example to the manufacture of dental implantology, surgical prostheses, titanium heart valves, Titanium components for ultralight cars , new technologies for eyewear and watch making, design and construction of deposition sources. In detail, specialists will be trained for the national industry and for the Research Institutes, able to design, plan, build, develop and maintain PVD thin film deposition machines and electrochemical plants for surface treatment processes.

Professional opportunities: At the end of the training course, students acquire the most common industrial processes in the field of surface treatments and finish the course being able to design, build, develop and test machines for depositing thin films and machines of chemical and electrochemical finishing of surfaces. The Master’s objective is – training of super specialists in the design, construction and automation of PVD deposition and electrochemical treatments. Once graduated, people find employment as R&D Manager, Process Engineer in private industry, researcher, technologist, in public / private research organisations.
Main aim of the Master is to train students to become super specialists in the designing, manufacturing, automatization of Physical Vapour Deposition and electrochemical treatments systems. Once received the basic theoretical elements during classes, the students are expected to assiduously attend the activities in the lab. Practice on the instrumentation the lab provides will teach them both to plan and manage the industrial engineering, typical of the surface treatments.

This is the link to the University of Padua, where you can download the announcement of admission
(the deadline for submission of applications is set for next October 3):

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