Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) is a lever of EU Cohesion Policy. One of the biggest challenges is to make use of the interplay between S3 and clusters. How can S3 be used to foster innovation processes and spark entrepreneurship within clusters? How can S3 be implemented through clusters to gain sustainable and inclusive growth? There is a lack of experience among regions on how to use clusters in the implementation of S3 and how to develop implementation tools to benefit SMEs fully. Also, alignment between and knowledge about other regions’ strategies are minimal.

This is precisely the focus of the S3-4AlpClusters project that counts Veneto Innovazione among its partners. It believes that the interplay between S3 and clusters is an innovative approach that could spread innovation in the whole Alpine Space. S3-4AlpClusters will launch cross-regional coordinated actions between the different sectors/regions involved and enhance transnational cluster cooperation. The final aim is to generate critical mass for SMEs and to improve the framework conditions for innovation in the Alpine Space.

S3-4AlpClusters will develop:

  • A joint transnational cluster action plan to improve transnational, cluster-based cooperation
  • An S3-based innovation model for cluster development
  • A fully synchronised call scheme
  • New services validated by pilot clusters


The S3-4AlpClusters community includes cluster managers, entrepreneurs, academics and policymakers, and is supported by public authorities and S3 experts.

The project budget amounts to € 2.521.964 (€ 1.929.500,00 ERDF).

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14 March 2019 in Venice: 4th International Cluster Conference: S3-4AlpClusters final conference

S3-4AlpClusters final conference: REGISTRATIONS CLOSED

S3-4AlpClusters is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund via Interreg Alpine Space