Zero Waste Blue

Zero Waste Blue sports events for territorial development

The project Zero Waste Blue capitalises IPA Adriatic Zero Waste project and aims at protecting and promoting natural and cultural heritage through shared methodologies and cooperation strategies for better governance and policy instruments development and using creating a joint touristic follow-up, focused on sustainable sports events of high attractiveness capacity, able to promote social inclusion and involve all ages local community members and public-private stakeholders.

Main outcomes
Natural/cultural sites hosting sport events
Improving accessibility for 10 natural/cultural heritage destinations
Brand designed and promoted 10 sport events
10 Protocol subscribed through working groups
1 ICT/contents and usability updating of Zero Waste 2.0 platform
1 new 2.0 platform as APP
10 sustainable services/tools/instruments per each event
7 Local Action Plans

Pilot sporting events:
1 Half marathon, Termoli, Italy – December
2 The Metkovic Skalinada, Metkovic, Croatia – March
3 Cycling tour Zadar-Nin, Croatia – April
4 Festival of Sport recreation, Opatija, Croatia – March, April, May
5 Wings for Life, Marathon, Zadar, Croatia – May
6 Eco Marathon of the salt, Cervia, Italy – May
7 King of Ucka, Ucka, Croatia – September
8 Ston Wall Marathon, Ston, Croatia – September
9 Venice Marathon, Venice, Italy – October
10 Half marathon, Ancona, Italy – October

Target groups
Local, regional and national public authorities
Cultural and natural heritage management bodies
Regional and local development agencies

Town of Opatija (HR)
University of Rijeka, Faculty of Tourism (HR)
Dubrovnik and Neretva County – Dubrovnik (HR)
ERVET Emilia Romagna – Bologna (I)
Emilia Romagna Region – Bologna
Veneto Region – Venice (I)
Molise Region – Campobasso (I)
Municipality of Ancona (I)
Veneto Innovazione – Venice (I)

01/06/2018 – 30/11/2019

Total budget:
€861.435, 70 (ERDF: €732.220,33)

Zero Waste Blue is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund via Interreg Italy-Croatia