Regional policies


Research and innovation

Veneto Innovazione supports the Veneto Region in the development of the activities included in Regional Law no. 13 of 2014 regulating industrial districts, regional networks of innovative companies and business groups.

In particular:

It participates, on behalf of the Veneto Region, in National Technology Clusters, coordinating activities with the regional research and innovation ecosystem.

Updates, manages and promotes, the regional portal with information on the regional innovation ecosystem

It manages the Desk of the Regional Innovative Companies.

It collaborates in the review and implementation processes of the Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3 Veneto), according to the fulfilment of good governance criteria and the definition of the Regional Strategic Plan for scientific research, technological development and innovation.

Also within the framework of regional innovation policies Veneto Innovazione initiates activities aimed at direct access to national and European funds, with particular reference to the promotion of partnerships and participation in cooperation projects


Digital Agenda

Veneto Innovazione collaborates with the Veneto Region in the governance actions of the Veneto Digital Agenda 2025, in continuity with the previous DGR 2037/2017 and consistently with the new POR-FESR 2021-27 programming and the Veneto NEXT-Generation EU in the field of digital transformation.



Veneto Innovazione supports the Veneto Region Tourism Directorate in the implementation of the actions envisaged by the Annual Tourism Plan, in the activities related to the management of regional communication plans and in the organisation of BuyVeneto. It also coordinates the technical aspects of the Veneto Region‘s participation in the main trade fairs promoting the tourism and agri-food sectors.