Providing Digital Maturity Level Assessment / Digital Coaching for Companies

Within the frame of BE-READI ALPS the project partner Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH (aws) offers free digital coachings for 5 companies (SMEs) from the Alpine region. The coaching will be conducted by digital experts and will help to assess the digital maturity level of your company.

Who qualifies for these coachings?

Traditional SMEs within the Alpine Space area. Preferably (but not exclusively) mature SMEs.
How to apply:

  • Fill out the Expression of Interest (if you haven’t already)
  • Fill out the Application Form for the Digital Coaching


Fill in the Application Form now: CLICK HERE

Deadline for application:

February 22nd, 2022  -> New Deadline: 27.02.2022

What you get:

  • Within a joint kick off meeting (online) with all 5 companies, the coaching experts and aws general information will be provided, exchange on a general level is planned (to discuss common problems etc) and networking opportunity will be provided
  • Via answering an audit questionnaire (with focus on SMEs and service industries) you will be able to assess your specific needs
  • Individual sessions/coachings of each company to address specific topics/problems (preferably online) where the experts will offer
    –    follow-up and documentation as orientation-tool for you
    –    evaluation and execution of an impulse interview with individual feedback and recommendations for action
    –    managing and moderating the self-audit process
        integration of customer experiencing aspects and related processes
  • Overall case study will be provided: Review of core results and key findings, summary/recommendations.



Services will be rendered from about mid February 2022 until mid March 2022.

Furthermore, there will be the possibility to share your experience in the Final Conference of the BE-READI ALPs project which will take place 5th of May 2022 in Vienna.

The project-language is English; nevertheless, it is possible to conduct the one-on-one coaching with the expert in German.
In case of questions please contact:

Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH.,

Mag. Christina Koch M.A., Project Manager:


Fill in the Application Form now: CLICK HERE