23-24/11 GREEN 2022

The Spanish National Environmental Congress (Conama 2022), to be held from November 21st to 24th November in Madrid, will host a new edition of Green B2B: Environmental professional meetings. This initiative, organized by Madri+d Foundation and Conama Foundation, with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network, aims to promote collaboration between entities to build a more resilient society and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the Green Deal.

This event also seek to promote new projects and cooperation between governments, companies, research institutions, and other European environmental organizations, through bilateral meetings to reach an agreement.

Main topics

    • Energy, Efficiency & Climate Change
    • Sustainable Mobility
    • Urban Renovation
    • Rural Development
    • Biodiversity
    • Water Management
    • Environment Health
    • The collection, transport, and treatment of waste disposals
    • Economy & Society

More: https://green2022.b2match.io/