Vacanze pasquali - Chiusura uffici
Gli uffici di Veneto Innovazione saranno chiusi per le ferie pasquali dal 1° al 6 aprile 2021. L'attività riprenderà regolarmente il giorno 7 aprile 2021.



14/04/2021 InGreen Mountain DigithON: Sustainability and Alpine Technologies - Incontri virtuali
Evento organizzato nell'ambito del progetto BE-READI ALPS su trasformazione digitale nel campo delle tecnologie alpine, delle energie rinnovabili e della sostenibilità....continua



12-15/04/2021: Technology & Business Cooperation Days 2021
Online alla Fiera di Hannover, l'appuntamento importante per l'industria, in particolare per il numero dei temi trattati, il volume di scambi e la qualità dell'aggiornamento tecnologico...continua



Hai un’idea innovativa? Il BE-READI Point di Veneto Innovazione ti aiuta a lanciarla!
Se sei una piccola e media imprese e vuoi sviluppare un nuovo prodotto o un nuovo servizio, Veneto Innovazione attraverso il suo BE-READI Point ti può aiutare.....continua



BE-READI ALPS è il nuovo progetto di Veneto Innovazione
Veneto Innovazione è capofila del progetto Interreg Alpine Space BE-READI ALPS che intende sostenere le PMI dell'arco Alpino attraverso la finanza innovativa, internazionalizzazione e digitalizzazione...continua


Sector Group “Tourism and Cultural Heritage"

Veneto Innovazione is  a member of the Sector Group “Tourism and Cultural Heritage” of the Enterprise Europe Network . The Tourism and Cultural Heritage Sector Group is composed at the moment by 28 members.

The EEN Tourism and Cultural Heritage Sector Group was created to bring together the large number of SMEs and various stakeholders activated in the tourism sector, to support them in their effort to stay or become even more competitive, to impulse innovation activities and encourage business cooperation at European level.
The Tourism and CH Sector Group is consisted by partners from countries or regions with a special interest in the tourism and CH sector and a large number of SMEs and institutions activated in it.
To contribute to the development of the tourism and cultural heritage sector throughout the countries of the Network, the Sector Group foresees to carry out different kind of activities, such as:
·   mapping the most important national, European and international conferences/fairs/workshops, which can represent a suitable opportunity for brokerage events, matchmaking activities and tourism promotion;
· improving services for tourism SMEs through the dissemination of best practices, the identification of all possible synergies, the exchange of information, the consultation of experts and researchers, etc.;
·   facilitating partnerships between SMEs either for direct business of technological co-operations or for co-operation in projects concerning tourism
·   classifying systematically all financing schemes at national and European level for tourism SMEs;
·   keeping a constant dialogue with the European authorities and with policy makers at national level to make them aware of the needs of tourism SMEs.
·   improving the coordination of different activities to protect the cultural heritage and the natural resources, which are carried out by companies, public and private research centers and by local, national and European institutions
·   backing the know-how and technology transfer by encouraging collaboration at all level and by creating networks, which bring together all relevant stakeholders;
·  classifying systematically all financing schemes at national and European level for the protection of the cultural heritage. With regard to the protection of natural resources, a better coordination with other Sector Groups concerned is necessary.

We offer tailored support to help SMEs in this sector.

Our mission is to:

- Help SMEs become more competitive

- Impulse innovation activities

- Promote technology transfer

- Encourage business cooperation at European level

- Promote research projects


We can help you:

  • - Get advice on how to start a tourism business
  • - Find business co-operation partners for tourism products and services throughout Europe
  • - Arrange meetings with potential partners at tourism and cultural heritage trade fairs
  • - Find potential partners through company missions
  • - Learn about EU programmes and funding opportunities
  • - Apply for grants and tenders
  • - Find out about sector-specific laws and regulations in other Network countries
  • - Give your feedback on European Union policies to EU policy makers

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Alessandra Pelizzaro, Phd
Head of Academic and international relations
Phone.:+39 041 8685301

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