01/16/2014: Alps4EU final conference- Fostering internationalisation of SMEs through Meta-Cluster

The Alps4EU final conference will take place at the “Eurorégion Alpes Méditerranée- delegation office” in Brussels.... more


Interview with Mr Peter McGovern
The Canadian Ambassador in Italy answers questions on innovation, univerity, research and how to develop in partnership with Canada.... more


Interview with Mr Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of The European Commission
Antonio Tajani tells us the future programmes for European SMEs and all what the EU is doing to help them.... more


Interview with Prof. Gary Pisano
The Harvard professor speaks of innovation and future perspectives for European economy.... more


Interview with Mr Hubert Landinger on the future of hydrogen
The project coordinator of HyLIFT-DEMO & HyLIFT-EUROPE tells us which are the perspectives on the use of hydrogen.... more


Interview with Mr Alain Bénéteau, President of Nereus

Here the network of European regions that promotes space technologies.... more


Interview with Prof. Igor Voytov
Innovazione Veneto met the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of Belarus Prof. Igor Voytov on innovation, science and technology... more


New free logistic support in Japan for EU SMEs
The EU-Japan Centre is offering free of charges to SMEs wishing to develop or expand their activities in Japan.. more


Keen Regions booklet: "Smart Methodology Applied to Nanotechnology"

The booklet was released in the framework of the KEEN Regions project. The publication, edited by Veneto Innovazione, treasures the main results of a 3-year project, addressing the regional/local stakeholders involved in the decision-making process for research and innovation policies. more


Techhnology Transfer Database
If you need a certain technology or innovation to complete your business or a business application for your technology, Enterprise EuropeNetwork can help. more



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