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EuroNews launches Innovation

"Innovation" - a brand new TV and internet magazine on European research and innovation

Brussels, 2 February 2011

To mark the launch of the Innovation Union Flagship Initiative, which is put up for adoption this week by the February Council, EuroNews has just launched its new magazine "Innovation" that puts the spotlight on exciting success stories in European Research and Innovation.
Focusing on some of the most innovative European research projects, and on promising industrial and commercial applications of research, "Innovation" will show how partnerships between European researchers lead directly to innovation in the products and services that can have a positive impact on the quality of life of European citizens and on the economy. The magazine will showcase, in particular, successful projects driven by European SMEs, which have been explicitly singled out in the Innovation Union Flagship Initiative because of their importance for generating employment.
"Innovation" will be in a short, fast-paced, highly visual, 3-minute format, produced in HD, with dynamic interviews of scientists and innovators. During this launch week (31 January to 4 February) five new issues of "Innovation" will be broadcast on EuroNews, with each new magazine repeated up to 10 times a day (see schedule below). In ensuing weeks, additional "Innovation" magazines will be broadcast, in alternating weeks, with EuroNews' flagship TV magazine on European research, Futuris.
Produced for television in the 10 EuroNews languages, "Innovation" is available to all interested European broadcasters free of rights via the EBU Eurovision exchange, as well as via downloads from EuroNews ftp website.

In addition to television distribution by Euronews (see broadcast schedule in annex), "Innovation" magazines will be available in web streaming on a number of sites, including


Source: European Commission Research & Innovation

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